Created Thu Oct, 17 2019 at 06:04PM

So you want to send up some text to pastebin from your shell, huh?..

you need to submit a POST request to and the only mandatory parameter is paste_code, of type string is the paste that you want to make.

On success a new pastebin URL will be returned.

You can easily do this from your bash shell using the command curl.

curl uses the -d option to send the POST data to the specified URL.


This demo will create a new paste with the code:

printf("Hello world, here is some shell text"); From your shell:

$ curl -d 'paste_code=printf("Hello..I am Codaddict");' ''

Now if you see the URL, you'll see my paste :)

Alternatively you can do it using the wget command which uses the option --post-data to sent POST values.

I've tried this command it works fine:

wget --post-data 'paste_code=printf("Hello..I am Codaddict");' '' shareedit