Created Wed Sep, 04 2019 at 02:19PM

Command Summary
adduser The recommended command-line application for adding new users.
rmuser The recommended command-line application for removing users.
chpass A flexible tool for changing user database information.
passwd The command-line tool to change user passwords.
pw Tool for scripting adding / removing users

Adding user via pw

Flag Summary
-n tom Username
-s Set shell (/bin/sh, /usr/sbin/nologin)
-m Create and setup home directory /home/sean
-G groups
-L login_class
-M mode
-c description
-d partition / home dir?
-f file
-g login_group
-k dotdir
-m message_file
-s shell
-u uid_start
-w type
pw useradd -n tom -s /bin/csh -m

pw adduser wwwmain -g wwwmain -d /nonexistent -s /usr/sbin/nologin -c "Apache user for user main"

Deleting a user

root@server:# pw userdel -n sean -r

group add / remove / modify

pw groupadd teamtwo
 # pw groupshow teamtwo

 # pw groupmod teamtwo -m db
 # pw groupshow teamtwo